Business Focus is for you if you want any or all of the following
… increase profits,
… while increasing the value you add to your clients.
… free up your time.
… yet retain control of your business.
… fulfil your vision.
… get more clients.
… create focus in your SME business strategy
… increase productivity,
… empower your employees.
… enhance your working environment.
… reduce overheads.

If any of these resonate with you then take the next step and book a FREE 30 minute business coaching session

Sensational Business Coach Stephen Wells at MyWorkSpot

Business Focus (Previously know as SME Focus) has been designed as a business improvement programme to help you create a more profitable and enjoyable business.

Working with you on a regular basis we help you identify the issues that have been holding you back. Then develop and implement a business strategy that addresses the underlying problem rather than just the symptoms. This approach to actionable strategy ensures we add value to your business.

The reason I continue to use Steve from AIM to Succeed is that my time is precious and I can only afford to work with people who will help me make a difference in my business and he helps me achieve that.

 We were always amazed how quickly he was able to understand our business issues and quickly offer solutions.

Business Focus – Business Improvement Programme


The first of your SME business strategy sessions.
Establishing your Values base and taking a reality check: What do you want? Where do you want to get the company too? Where do you think you are? Where are you really?
Identify – Issues and Business Strategies to resolve them.


Taking stock and building on progress.

Has everything come out of the woodwork (Good and bad)?
Do we now know what we are working with?
Preparing for the changes, how to engage everyone in the process.


Making progress.

Now that you are making dramatic progress you can choose between increasing your skillset to deal with the issue in a strategy/learning session to help consolidate your new direction or have the support of accountability sessions throughout the month to ensure you are applying what you know.


Review and consolidate.

This is where it the changes really kick in, by now you will be effectively applying and revising your strategies, you may even find that your objectives and outcomes are being revised or expanding as you now have more confidence in your ability to achieve them.

Take the next step and book a FREE 30 minute business coaching session