What final thoughts are you taking into 2012?

As I prepare for an evening out, the last of 2011, I hear the phrase

always account for variable change.

InΒ  the context it was said, it was quite literally, ‘know the game you are playing, play the hand you are dealt and look forward to the things that ARE going to change’

As you reflect on 2011 and look towards 2012 always remember that things will change, everything does, if it did not you would get bored.

Ensure is that you account for these changes when formulating your dreams and know where they fit into your future. When you don’t see the change coming it is a surprise and then you are on the back foot. When you have considered the variables and how they impact your desired outcome you will have a better strategy to help you achieve your goal.

Enjoy 2012 and everything that it brings you