Leadership can be for everyone

There are several version of this video on youtube. I was first sent it as an example of persistence, being convinced about what you want to do, knowing that you were right and that you already had a few people agreeing with you. With time (and numbers) your message would get out there, people would listen, and people would buy into it.

Watch the first video, (its only about 3 mins long) Make your own mind up about what is happening,

[morfeo_basic 1 /]

Now watch the second video, this has had a narrative added (not by me) based around the rolls of the people within it, who is a leader, who is the first follower that becomes the second leader.

[morfeo_basic 2 /]

So back to my thoughts,
Lead by example with true conviction to your cause.
Engage people that show an interest and keep them engaged.
Show gratitude to those that follow, and they will then be happy to lead for you in the future.

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