50daysofshades day 156-01 Bumping Clouds

#50DaysOfShades Day 156 of 50 โ€“ Bumping Clouds

Photos are in reverse order today and had me thinking about how fast things can change.

Torrential rain this morning so as when there was some sunshine around lunchtime I went out to get my photo.

Then the two sunset photos. As I left the house around 6pm there was an orange hue in the air. I tried my best to capture it and thought I had done a pretty good job (with the lighter of the two photos). But then as I walked back down the road only a few minutes later it got both darker and brighter at the same time. So took what is now the main (orange) photo.

Then I ran. I ran to the river (only 2-3 minutes away) to a bridge I have used in previous photos.

Hoping for the same bright orange sunset alone the river. But it was gone. Tucked down behind the buildings of the town centre, the sky returning to a dark grey and all the buildings in shadow.

As I said, things change. Sometimes they change faster than we think is possible and other times they change so slowly we barely even notice them (I have a feeling Iโ€™ve talked about that before).

The beauty of noticing, paying attention (to the here and now) is that when they do change quickly, we were at least there. We get to enjoy them for what they were.

What is changing for you?
Is it too fast, or too slow?

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50daysofshades day 156-01 Bumping Clouds
50daysofshades day 156-02 Bumping Clouds
50daysofshades day 156-03 Bumping Clouds

What are you doing?

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