#50DaysOfShades Day 19 of 50 – When you know, you know. Trust yourself

Today I had to take my cat to the vet for an annual check-up, and she knew.

There are three reasons my cat has been in a carrier in the last 2 years (since I got her).
One, to bring her home from the foster home.
Two, to take her to the vet health check when I first got her.
Three, for a long drive up to my mums. (This has been the most frequent reason).

She is not thrilled by any of the reasons, but I swear she knows the difference!

When I collected her the first time, she cried the entire 45 min journey home.

The first time to the vet she cried all the way there but not on the way back.

Then the first time to my mums she cried for a few minutes then settled down. Subsequent times she is not happy getting in the carrier but settles straight down when I let her look around the car.

And today she knew it was the vets, she cried as soon as I picked her up to put her in the carrier, while I took her out to the car and did not stop until we got there. (Smart move shutting up when there is also a dog in the waiting room!) Even when looking around the car (pictured) from her carrier she was crying.

The main picture is back in the car after the visit, where she came out to sit on my lap to settle her before the drive home.

So how did she know?

Had she really noticed I had not been packing bags and loading the car (to go to mum’s)?
Did she notice my time critical action of going to find her? (When going to mum’s the time does not really matter, so I wait till she come to me)

All of this got me thinking about how there are times when we know something is happening/going to happen. Call it intuition, gut feeling, Spidey sense, reading the signs etc we have all had times where we knew how it was going to pan out, but we continued regardless, trying to create a different outcome. Only for the ‘inevitable’ to happen.

Questions for today:

How often do you get these kinds of feelings?
Do you notice them at the time, or just looking back?
How do they show up for you, what physical sensations do you feel? (Knot in your gut, hairs on the back of your neck etc)
What will you do next time?

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50daysofshades d19-i01 - Cat in foreground, man in sunglasses behind
50daysofshades d19-i04 Cat in basket
50daysofshades d19-i05 Cat poking head out of basket

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One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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