#50DaysOfShades Day 22 of 50 – Getting it done.

Today was definitely a day where getting it done was the theme.

I have made a point (so far) of not going back to look at the pictures/read what I wrote from when I did 50DaysOfShades back in 2015. But I distinctly remember something about the first few days taking lots of photos then getting better at the single shot and using it whatever it looked like.

This time round that is so not the case. I want the good photo, I want it to reflect something, I want to be able to talk about what it means (to me).

Today it (the good photo) just was not happening. I tried to be a bit arty, and it just would not work, out of focus, terrible framing you name it. It was too bright to see anything in detail on the screen (even with my actual glasses) so was very much in a β€˜I hope that worked’.

As you can see from the pic’s, it did not!

So here I am with 4 or 5 pretty ropey pictures (and a whole bundle that were deleted as soon as I actually saw then) that simply don’t match what I wanted to talk about. But I have a post to make and part of this experiment is about being honest with what happened and how I feel about it.

How I feel:

I actually feel ok about it (otherwise I would have gone back out and taken more, better, photos). The pictures are what you look at first, but not specifically what you see. Hopefully you are actually reading these ramblings and you see something deeper. A bit more of me.

Questions for today:

Do you think people see who you are, or are you caught behind a mask?
What have you seen of me, today or in the last 21 days?

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50daysofshades d22-i02
50daysofshades d22-i03

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One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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