#50DaysOfShades Day 3 of 50 – The old embracing the new

For today’s #50DaysOfShades (Day03) the theme is the old embracing the new.

Here I am sat in a 1957 Morgan, that was purchased by the chap sat in the driving seat in 1973 when he started a full restore while waiting for his new Morgan which had a 7 year wafting list at the time to be delivered. Guessing there was a different kind of chip shortage or something back then.

After several engines over the last 49 years when the last one was on it’s way out he bit the bullet and went for an EV conversion (running through the existing gearbox for those that are interested) as he was not going to be able to find a decent original replacement engine. It’s acceleration was phenomenal and has a range of around 150miles.

There were lots of conversations about is it right to put an EV conversion into a classic etc etc and what is the place of EV’s in general?

For me they have their place/usage scenarios and currently do not suit all use cases.

But as shown here have do have a place (even in classics) as it was not going to be ‘original’ with whatever he was going to be able to put in it. So why not embrace the latest available?

This does beg the questions;
How well do you embrace changes?
Do you adapt easily to new things?
And are your questions / doubts about change real or just inbuilt resistance?

If you want to see more of the car in question just search for Electric Morgan on YouTube as there is only one of them!

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50daysofshades D03-i01
50daysofshades Day 3
50daysofshades Day 3

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