#50DaysOfShades Day 39 of 50 – Today’s Reflections.

I have had a couple of days recently with just the photo, no post, no thoughts, no reflections on what the photo meant to me.

Today I want to make sure we have some reflections.

One of my reasons for redoing the #50DaysOfShades was to discuss the challenges that came up for last time. To share those experience (in retrospect) and hopefully help some of you overcome similar issues.

Those same challenges are not coming up this time round. They may surface at some point, but all the things I thought I would talk about do not feel relevant to what I am doing. So, they remain ideas but I don’t feel the need to weave them into a photo just so I can talk about them.

It feels more purposeful (at the moment) to share the thoughts that arise and speak to those.

When I think about reflection it’s not necessarily the context above of looking back (at what happened) but more the literal ‘what is looking back at me’.

This partly comes from various meditation/ mindfulness retreats where the phrase ‘Everyone is your mirror’ can be used to explore any emotional response you have towards someone.

The things that you see in someone else are/can be the things you see in yourself.
This concept works for both working within emotional responses (the stimulus is something you do/don’t want to exhibit yourself) and the unlocking of potential (if you can see it in someone else you can find it in yourself).

My use of the environment (my pictures) is me, in part, taking this to another depth. Having a whole extra set of stimuli to work with. I get to see, think, feel, explore things that otherwise would not have come to light.


Do you reflect on the past, or are you trapped there?
(Now the curveball question)
What do others see in you that you do not see in yourself?

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50daysofshades d39-i01 Today’s Reflections
50daysofshades d39-i02 Today’s Reflections

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