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#50DaysOfShades Day 75 of 50 – Right Place Right Time

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the way people use the phrase ‘Right Place Right Time’ as many use it to suggest there they had no influence over the opportunity or outcome. That it was pure luck that they were there, and the thing happened.

Personally, I like to give people the credit for everything they did leading to that point. The knowledge and skills they have learned, the mistakes and successes they have had, the planning they did, the choices they made.

Everything that made sure that ‘they’ not some other version of themselves were there in that moment, as the other versions may not have had the same outcome.

Tonight, I went out slightly later than yesterday with a particular spot in mind to take both my #50DaysOfShades and the #7daysofsunsets photos, knowing it would be closer to sunset. Yesterday I was both too early and too late for the photo I saw in my head.

Today would be different. And yes, it was.

There was a couple sat on the riverbank exactly where I wanted to take the photo from. I was a little early so kept walking.

I took some snaps along the way, to make sure I at least had something.

As I was walking back a guy in a canoe was paddling along the river (so a grabbed a snap of him with the sunset, as it had a nice calmness to it)

I’m not sure if the couple had gone, or I found a slightly different spot but the guy in the canoe had stopped to watch the sunset, and was pretty much in line between me and the sun so a few steps further up the river and I got my pictures.

So, it wasn’t just the right place at the right time, it was me thinking the right things and taking the right actions to not only be there, but to do something with being there.


Where do you not give yourself credit for the effort you have put in to being who you are right now?

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