Be more than a statistic โ€“ Identify your value in the job market

With unemployment hitting at 17 year high ( what can you do to ensure you keep your job or give yourself the best possible opportunity to get yourself one?

1- If you need a Job.

Firstly let me state that if you have recently left a job, this is a reflection on the current economic climate, the business you were working for and the resources they needed. You still have bundles of value to add to the right employer (even if you may not feel it at the moment).

You simply need to identify what you have to offer, which is likely to be things you consider ‘simply normal’ and make sure you present those to employers that need those skill and resources.


2- If you want to keep your job.

Have you got your head down, ducking the metaphorical bullets that you think are flying around? Making sure you look busy with a workload that 18months ago you would have done in a day rather than a week (and actually enjoyed it!)?
Yes there are likely to be less people in your department, yes you have more things being thrown at you, but are you honestly busier?

Is it that you are doing new things that are out of your comfort zone, doing things that you are not confident about and therefore they take you longer than even you feel they should?


Thankfully both of these situations have the same solution:

Work out what you are good at, what you enjoy, how you add real value to the work you do, what it is about the company or the job that you ‘buy into’.

Finding your passion and your value is easy with the right help it can be done face to face or via skype/telephone. Being asked the right questions will open your eyes to your untapped potential, engaging you in your job (or hunt for), freeing you from stress, allowing you to once again enjoy the work you do.

To find out more feel free to schedule a FREE call to discuss your situation.

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