Say Hello to the Real You

Have you ever wondered what you are really capable of?

Do you have doubts or ambitions that you just can’t see how to get to?


Say hello to the real you is an interactive workshop where you will be introduced (possibly for the first time) to the Real You.

We all have hidden talent and skills. Learn about yourself in a way you never imagined, what makes you tick and  influences the decisions you make so that you can harness these in your everyday life.

Build on the positives and learn to look at the old negatives in a new light.

By learning about yourself you will be able to  move forward with a new insight into ‘your’ world and how you are really in control of it. Setting you up perfectly to set new goals and ensure you achieve them.

The Workshop will be facilitated by Stephen Wells, founder of AIM to Succeed and 2011/12 President of JCI Reading.

Steve coaches Businesses and Individuals to help them reach their full potential by identifying previously hidden strengths and unbridled ambition.

In the Say Hello to the Real You workshop Steve will guide you through.

The current you:
All the things you are.
What made you think that is you.
What you have achieved so far.

The Real you:
Steve will then challenge you to step into yourself with new knowledge and identify who you really are, asking you to let yourself go and dream your dream.

This is your opportunity to ensure you know why you want to be where you want to be. Allowing you to set yourself ambitious and honest goals knowing that you committed to achieving them.

For dates of the next event please or to request a session for your business contact us on 0118 324 1010 

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