#50DaysOfShades Day 174 of 50 – #GiveBlood

Pint (ish) number 58 today. I wrote about giving blood back on day 84 so maybe check that out.

If you have ever considered (or already discounted) giving blood please think about it again.

50daysofshades day 174-01 - GiveBlood
50daysofshades day 174-02 - GiveBlood
50daysofshades day 174-03 - GiveBlood

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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#50DaysOfShades Day 53 of 50 – Being Proactive

A few examples of being proactive relating to #50DaysOfShades in my day today.

Firstly, I’m feeling the need to vary the pictures more. Not sure how this will go, setting up and taking photos from a tripod rather than in the hand is more time consuming and frustrating (using the timer). However, I’m sure that with a little more practice I’ll create some more interesting images (still with me and my shades in them)

Secondly, I think we have all noticed it’s hot. So, the location of todays photo was always going to be in the shade under some trees in an attempt to keep both me and the camera cooler while I ran backwards and forwards!

What are you doing proactively to improve the results you get?

#businesscoach #businesscoaching #beproactive

50daysofshades d53-i01 Stephen Wells Business Coach - Being Proactive
50daysofshades d53-i02 Stephen Wells Business Coach on Being Proactive

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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Say It, Feel It, Process It

Say It, Feel It, Process ItSome days a laptop just does not cut it and I revert to pen(cil) and paper.

There is something about the non-linearity of multiple bits of paper that allows the ideas in my head to flow out, rather than bounce around. Being able to spread them out and switch between them without scrolling up and down, being able to see the whole picture rather than just the zoomed-in focal point.

An idea here, oh some clarity there, that means I can expand on this, that re-enforces that, which ties in with and is validated by those values.

My clients have all benefitted from my scribbles about their businesses as I listen to the blocks and as they celebrate their successes because understanding the bigger picture gives direction around what to focus on.

Over lockdown, I’ve been working on a new idea/format for supporting clients and have run a pilot program with some willing volunteers and have been absorbed into the detail of how I’d run it, what worked and didn’t work in the pilot, what needed to be added and taken out, who it would suit, what time and money they would need to invest in it. Creating spreadsheets, searching for images but there were some bits that just were not coming together.

Then this week I found myself with no laptop in sight, a stack of paper, my pencil, an Iced Coffee and a couple of hours to reassess where I was with it all.

As I mapped it out (remapped it out as I’ve done it before) there were lots of ticks (got that, got that, done that). Then there were some ticks that had also question marks (I’ve done it, but I’m not happy with it) but I let those go and carried on scribbling. It was then that I wrote some word that I’ve used before in a different place/context usually buried within a page, this time they stood alone on a page and they made more sense. Their weight, power and purpose stood out more. Seeing them in this way filled in the gaps and created some new bridges that brought everything closer together.

So, my reflection this week has been to get it out then #SortItOut.

Have you been stuck on something that has just been going round and round in your head, or in documents that just won’t come together, as there is something missing but you just don’t know what?
If that was a yes then feel free to book a free meeting with me, either online or in-person at The Curious Lounge to talk it through and #MoveForward.

(Republished from August 2020 as a reminder)

Reducing the gap between what you say and what people hear

Reducing the gap between what you say and what people hear.

Reflections on being interviewed for a business profile.

Stephen Wells - Business Coach Profile Wokingham Paper ScreenshotFor some having a clear concise message and description of what they do (not what their industry does) can be a struggle.

It’s really easy to get caught up in your own preconceptions and judgement which then taint your message. This also expands out into your close circle, the people that already know (ish) what you do, it’s easy for them to hear and read between the lines from what you have said before and give more understanding to what you say than is really there.

Therefore when I had the opportunity to be interviewed for a business profile article it was an interesting and reflective experience. To see what someone (who does not know me or my business) would hear and write about.

Does anyone actually hear what I’m trying to say?

Taz sent over some ‘Starter for 10’ type questions which I replied to along with some links to my website etc then it was time to be quizzed! I joke about being quizzed, it was a really great conversation, it was my own internal “am I getting my message across?” that kept popping up that allows me to include that.

The follow up questions she asked showed she had ‘got it’ digging on the bits I had glossed over and giving me space to expand on the bits I was particularly passionate about.

All in all it was a great experience, both being interviewed and reading the resulting article. Taz did a great job and the article has been well received online, at one point my post sharing it was trending on the LinkedIn #businesscoaching hashtag.

It did highlight a several things to me:

  • My general message of how I help people is pretty clear. Digging into what hold them back in their business and helping them find their way out of that rut.
  • I’m not great at talking about things that are in the development process. Speaking Gigs/workshops with other providers etc are things I am working on but not fully finalised at this point but they needed to be mentioned, therefore what I said was a bit sketchy and therefore what got heard was only 80% accurate. (Have put things in motion to finalise these details so they can be shared more effectively)
  • Recognising physical sensations/emotions are the key to self understanding. This is more of a reinforcement that a new highlight. I knew when I was answering some of the questions that I was not being 100% clear. I could feel the tension, the awkwardness in me as the half answers came out. Knowing I could not give more clarity, be more informative as things are still in development was uncomfortable.
    On the flip side of this, over the days since the article was published I’ve felt a lightness and release that has given me more clarity around the projects now that they are out in the wild.

Takeaways that I think are useful for everyone:

  • Over and above the obvious, be confident in what you are talking about, know what you offer, get other people’s honest feedback.
  • See/trust how you feel when you are talking about your offering. Are you super passionate/enthusiastic about what you are talking about (and that in itself should feel good)? if not then you are unlikely to engage the listener.
  • Try to feel into how it lands with the other person. Honing your ‘gut feeling’ or intuition takes time and practice as it revolves around self-awareness.

If you would like to have a conversation about how you can delve more into understanding how you do any of these feel free to drop me a message via the contact us page.

Graduates and Career Changers ‘Next Steps’ Event

Graduates and Career Changers ‘Next Steps’ Event – 6th July 2012 Hosted by : Joe Dilger from  JD Global Advantage Limited. Venue: International Students, House Great Portland Street, London The Next Steps Event will:

  • Provide a high quality, inspirational, practical and fun event for Students, Graduates, Career Changers and people wanting to be ‘in charge’ of their own careers – so you can ‘chart your own course’ and see the practical ‘next steps’ to take – including the opportunity to start your own business.

Who should attend:

  • Graduates looking for first / next job.
  • Individuals looking to change careers.
  • Those keen to manage own careers better.
  • Those interested in starting own businesses / social enterprises.
  • Those who want to clarify their next steps

Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Wayne Clarke – International Partner, Best Companies Partnership LLP.
  • Ruth Markman – Managing Director, The Fireside Hospitality Group.
  • Tim Mungeam – Chief Executive, Springboard for Children.
  • Todd Murray – Manager, REGENT’S Gym, International Students House.
  • Steve Wells – Founder, AIM to Succeed Ltd.
  • Sarah Graham – Senior Human Resources Manager, The Oasis Group ; and
  • Kings College (London) students – ‘Lighthouse IJN’ – the first steps of the journey.

Simply follow the link to book your place at the Graduates and Career Changers ‘Next Steps’ Event at the earlybird rate as soon as possible.   AIM to Succeed will be running several of our Finding Focus – Resource Identification and Goal Achievement  workshops following the event and are offering discounts to anyone who attends Next Steps (details of how to claim your discount will be issues at Next Steps).

Say Hello to the Real You

Have you ever wondered what you are really capable of?

Do you have doubts or ambitions that you just can’t see how to get to?


Say hello to the real you is an interactive workshop where you will be introduced (possibly for the first time) to the Real You.

We all have hidden talent and skills. Learn about yourself in a way you never imagined, what makes you tick and  influences the decisions you make so that you can harness these in your everyday life.

Build on the positives and learn to look at the old negatives in a new light.

By learning about yourself you will be able to  move forward with a new insight into ‘your’ world and how you are really in control of it. Setting you up perfectly to set new goals and ensure you achieve them.

The Workshop will be facilitated by Stephen Wells, founder of AIM to Succeed and 2011/12 President of JCI Reading.

Steve coaches Businesses and Individuals to help them reach their full potential by identifying previously hidden strengths and unbridled ambition.

In the Say Hello to the Real You workshop Steve will guide you through.

The current you:
All the things you are.
What made you think that is you.
What you have achieved so far.

The Real you:
Steve will then challenge you to step into yourself with new knowledge and identify who you really are, asking you to let yourself go and dream your dream.

This is your opportunity to ensure you know why you want to be where you want to be. Allowing you to set yourself ambitious and honest goals knowing that you committed to achieving them.

For dates of the next event please or to request a session for your business contact us on 0118 324 1010