#50DaysOfShades – Day 11 of 50 – Create the opportunity you are looking for.

#50DaysOfShades - Day 11 of 50 – Create the opportunity you are looking for.
I’ll admit I’ve picked a rough time to be doing the 50DaysOfShades. (Last time it was later in the year). For the 3rd day in a row it’s a pretty grim overcast sky, with absolutely no breaks today, not even the tiniest bit of the sun peaking thorough.
What does that mean for the daily photo?
Well in all honesty nothing. The photo will be (partly written before the photo) /was taken.
How I feel about it is a different matter.
Something inside of me wants lovely sunny photos, ones where I need to be wearing the shades. So there was definitely a heaviness in me today, constantly looking out the window is it going to brighten up etc.

And there comes the point of today's experience.

Awareness of what is around you, what you are looking for is great. (I generally cringe a little when people call it manifestation and law of attraction when it turns up).
If you are not looking for it, you will likely miss it when it is there and all intents and purposes it didn’t happen for you.
But if you are looking and you don’t see it (because it’s not there) what can you do?
Create the, an, opportunity. Yep it’s down to you.
It’s down to you to change the way you think/feel/react.
It’s down to you to take action, to do something that creates something. It may not be 100% what you wanted or envisioned, but will be something more than you currently have.
To create something that hopefully has a proportion of the attributes of your original concept, for me a photo with shades and a smile, but could just as easily be even further away (see yesterday’s grumpy photo).

So the questions for you today:

What can you create that looks something like what you want?
What actions can you take that will get you closer, if not fully there?
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50daysofshades D11 - Steve Wells at Reading Cemetery

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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