#50DaysOfShades Day 13 of 50 – Time to reflect

For today's #50DaysOfShades the theme is Time to reflect.

As I approach the 2 week mark of this current 50DaysOfShades I wanted to take some time to reflect on how it’s going and what I am experiencing this time round. (So dropped into @Tutus Ethiopian Table for a coffee, no laptop, no writing, just time to sit, and obviously get a photo or two, but mainly to think, but did then sit in the park to write this up)

So how is it going? (for you, drop a comment, and for me?)

Well I have way higher expectations of what it will be this time round. Not sure yet if that means more pressure, or simply that I want it to mean more.

Wanting it to mean more….

There is something in me that is using it to force myself to share more thoughts and insights however they come out that day. Looking back they do tend to be a string of questions for myself and anyone that reads the posts.

It is, no matter what the public rules are, way more than just a photo a day.

There is also something about the combination of screen protector, polarised sunglasses and bright sunshine that means I can’t see a thing when I’m taking the photos so getting way more random shots/poses and amusing pics (particularly like the googly eyes one today). So am definitely embracing the fun side of what comes out which slightly contradicts the ‘want it to mean more’ but if it means I have more fun and you get a laugh maybe that is ‘meaning more’ enough.

All of which prompt the questions:

Do we embrace the fun when things don’t go as planned?

Where do we elaborate on the rules (for ourselves and others)?

Do we write between the lines, leave things unsaid, create judgements that the criteria for have never been expressed?

And what does this do:

Does it make our life easier (as we don’t need to properly express ourselves) or is that only temporary leaving us to deal with the mess it creates later down the line?

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50daysofshades D13-i01 Stephen Wells Sensational Business Coach in hat and shade with coffee
50daysofshades d13-i04 miss Stephen Wells Sensational Business Coach
50daysofshades d13-i06hide
50daysofshades d13-i05 googlyeyes
50daysofshades d13-i07 cup

Interested in business coaching?

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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