50daysofshades day 115-01 Stephen Wells Walking barefoot

#50DaysOfShades Day 115 of 50 – Walking Barefoot

I’ve mentioned this before and with autumn drawing in I wanted to give a little reminder before it gets really cold and wet etc.

I walk barefoot (on grass) whenever I can, and I suggest you give it a go if you have not done it lately.

I always prefer to walk on the grass than on tarmac/concrete paths and if I’m on the grass I may as well be more connected to it, to nature, to the earth so barefoot it is.

Searching out the soft patches,
noticing the unevenness,
the tiny twigs,
the thistles (and the accompanying silly walk when you find those!),
the difference in balance and strike of the foot on the ground,
the reminder to slow down a little,
the reminder that it can be uncomfortable but you get used to it,
the memories of past walks when I first learnt these (and many other) things.

I’d say 70% of my walks in the last 115 days have included a barefoot section.

Over the summer it’s easy, see some grass, sandals off (check for dog/goose poop) walk for a bit, put sandals back on. But as it starts to get colder sandals may not be my first choice, I will however hold out as long as possible, and even after that I’m planning on ways to still do it (with a little more prep).

It is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, and it’s unlikely to be all the time for those that do it, but now is the time to give it a go before a whole bunch of reasons not to come back into play.

When did you last walk barefoot?

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50daysofshades day 115-01 Stephen Wells Walking barefoot
50daysofshades day 115-02 Walking barefoot

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