50daysofshades day 116-01 Stephen Wells

#50DaysOfShades Day 116 of 50 – Mixed feelings.

While not directly impacted by the death of the Queen I have had a curiosity around the constant coverage.

I’ve watched a bit of the Lying in State and was moved by the range of people that showed up, and the manner in which they showed their respect.

It was pure chance I saw (via YouTube) King Charles III and his siblings performing their vigil, standing at the 4 sides of the coffin.
It was then I felt something.

Not for the late Queen, and not because I am a big royal fan.

But a big wave of sympathy rushed over me, for those 4 children (Aged 73 down to 58, but in that moment, children stood by the coffin of their parent). For them to be stood there on show for the world to see having to hold it together felt important (for the nation) but wrong for them personally. I don’t think any amount of ‘royal upbringing’ can prepare you (suitably) for that.

And then again today, watching some of the service, the 2minutes silence, and some of the procession through London with them again walking behind the coffin. My thoughts were more with those involved, than the Queen.

The responsibility being put on everyone else. To hold it together, to perform their role. Not just the family, but all those officiating the service, the procession, carrying the coffin, pulling the gun carriage. So today my respect goes to them too.

I hope they all get their moment to process the day.

The photo’s are all from yesterday, but I spotted the contrast in the clouds and felt they showed bright and happy vs dark and gloomy so kept them for today.

50daysofshades day 116-01 Stephen Wells
50daysofshades day 116-02
50daysofshades day 116-03

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