50daysofshades day 130-01 Back to basics

#50DaysOfShades Day 130 of 50 – Keep the basics

I was going to call this one ‘back to basics’ but I’ve never got away from them so ‘keep the basics’ it is.

For the last week or so I’ve been focusing on getting my photo in the bright sunshine. (and I’ve done that pretty well)

What I wanted to remind myself of (as autumn and the nights draw in) is that there is still plenty of warm sunshine and bright blue sky’s around us every day.

Do you remember the (your) basics on a daily basis?
Have you got caught up in the complexity of what you are trying to do?

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50daysofshades day 130-01 Back to basics

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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