50daysofshades day 133-01 visualisation

#50DaysOfShades Day 133 of 50 – #visualisation

Yesterday I was thinking of blue skies and today we have them!

This is not because of the #LawOfAttraction or that I #manifested them. I am more than aware that the universe does not revolve around me (no matter what some people from my past may say). It’s because I’m looking for the blue skies, I notice them, I rush out when I see them, I appreciate them, I take action to embrace them when they are there.

I’m a great proponent of visualising what you want. Creating an image so real that you know what it looks like and how it will feel, what you will do when you get there for many reasons.

Clarity – When we go through the processes, be it in our heads, with cut out pictures (dream boards) or in writing (stories or spreadsheets) we gain clarity about what it is. We get absorbed into it, we better define what we do and don’t want. Moreover, we reinforce why we want it, what it will mean to us to have it (and it’s not usually what it first appears)

Recognition – As mentioned above, when the image (and motivation) is clear for us we are more likely to spot it. Out the corner of our eye we see something, it matches our vision (or just a part of it) and we take a second, longer look.

Actions – We have seen it so we naturally take a step towards it, we do something, ask someone, tell someone (our clear and compelling vision), we engage them, we create something that will moves us closer to it, because it’s important to us.

We create our outcomes, our actions are important and thinking about things is just the first step.


What are you consciously/unconsciously visualising?
Are they positive or negative?
What actions are you taking to get there?

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50daysofshades day 133-01 visualisation business coaching
50daysofshades day 133-02 visualisation business coaching

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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