50daysofshades day 173-01 Stephen Wells Looking beyond

#50DaysOfShades Day 173 of 50 โ€“ Looking beyond

My request would be that these photos should never be looked at as about me (even though they are invariably photos of me).

The invitation is always to look beyond what you see (me) and see the rest of the picture.

The brightness of the sun.
The blueness of the sky.
The fluffiness of the clouds.
The ripples on the water.
The greenness and vibrancy of the trees.
The... (you get the point)

And see how you feel. What you can notice when you take the time, when you look closely. And to read whatever I have shared to see how that resonates and ask yourself the questions (if there are any)

All of this reflects in our personal and business lives.

Always look beyond what you first see (and feel) and learn to understand where that response may come from. Then look beyond it to see what is there to be seen and how you can respond to that.


What do you see? (in the picture)
What do you see? (when you look closer at your surroundings, your successes and your struggles?

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50daysofshades day 173-01 Stephen Wells Looking beyond
50daysofshades day 173-02 Stephen Wells Looking beyond

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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