#50DaysOfShades Day 27 of 50 – Celebrate Success

Today’s theme of Celebrate Success was suggested by a friend. Probably as a joke, but hey I need something to write about so here we go.
Over the last month of so he has been working on the classic beetle he recently purchased. Problems with the exhaust, running rich and a bit lumpy. So he had to strip pretty much everything out of the engine bay to get to the problem heat transfer thing (I’m not a mechanic!).
On a couple of occasions I’ve ‘helped’ mainly moral support, but the odd bit of an pair of extra hands makes light work.
And today I got a message – “Beetle just fired up!!! First bloody time”
So took a walk around to his workshop expecting it all to be back together, but no still a few bits and the boot lid to go back on, so gave him a hand putting that back on and left him to the other bits.
Then came the message “About to do a small journey in the bug” so out we go for a quick drive around. (He looked so chuffed with himself that it was back up and running). Seeing how it runs, listening out of anything out of the ordinary.
All sounded good.
He is now ready to take it to a VW show this weekend where I’m sure he will have a little celebration (when it gets there and back) and I got myself an ice cream on the way home.


What have you done today/this week (big or small) that you can celebrate?
How are you going to celebrate it?
If you were to suggest a theme for the day what would it be?
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50daysofshades d27-i01 - Celebrate Success
50daysofshades d27-i04 - Celebrate Success - Steve Wells Business Coach in Sunglasses
50daysofshades d27-i05 - Celebrate Success - Steve Wells Business Coach with an ice cream

Interested in business coaching?

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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