#50DaysOfShades Day 25 of 50 – Little things that change your world.

Tying together a couple of things mentioned in previous days. Yesterday I mentioned the wild areas up at Reading Uni and on Day 11 I talked about creating the opportunities you are looking for.

In today’s photos we have two examples of where local people have done something to make their local environment brighter and more environmentally diverse.

The first photo of Newtown Community Garden, a space that has been co-opted by locals to be a managed wild garden. No Mow signs and allowing it to grow longer than normal, along with selective planting to encourage bees etc.

At the other end of the garden (pic2) is an example (one of many in the area) where the boring/ugly junction boxes have been painted. Some have themes, some have messages (pic3) some are just shapes. They are not painted perfectly but they have been painted with purpose, and it that that I notice in them. When they first appeared back in 2020 (I think) I actually made a point of looking for them and even now I’ll spot one I’ve not seen before (which makes me smile).

Questions for today:

What makes you smile on a regular basis?

What do you go out of your way to look for when out and about?


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#50DaysOfShades Day 25 of 50 – Little things that change

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One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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