#50DaysOfShades Day 30 of 50 – Changing how you look at things.

Changing how we look at things is key to changing the outcomes we achieve.

Last night I was having a conversation with a friend about how when I’m out on my walks I try to do as much of the route as possible in bare feet. There is definitely something about walking in bare feet that makes me more aware of where I am walking (changes in texture, temperature underfoot etc). This simple practice is great for challenging the assumptions I make about what is / is not happening around me.

So today when I didn’t really want to go out for a long walk but wanted to get my daily photo I headed out with the thought of looking for a different place to take the photo.

Somewhere I’d normally walk straight past without even thinking and I picked this pretty grotty bridge which is fairly close to home.
I thought it could give an interesting frame for the picture, the green foliage contrasting curve of the mottled bricks that make the arch.

What outcome did all of this ‘looking differently change?’ you may ask.

Well as you can see from the third photo the dark clouds (that looked even darker with shades on) were closing in. Being able to achieve my goal sooner meant I was able to make it back home before they broke. Enabling me to remain dry.

Questions for today:

How do you challenge your own thinking?
Do you ever ask others to help you do it?
What outcomes are you looking to change in the next few weeks?

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