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#50DaysOfShades Day 45 of 50 – Pay it Forward

I want to start by saying that today was the biggest example of a collective pay it forward that I’ve ever been involved in/attended.

For those who don’t know ‘Pay It Forward’ is a book adapted to a film.

The basic concept which can be taken from the book is, help someone and instead of them paying you back they ‘pay it forward’ and help someone else.

So today I attended an event with @joyouscarsuk at @castlecombecircuituk hosted by The Under 17’s Car club, @u17cc, with funds being raised going to @teenage_cancer.

This was my first experience of @u17cc and I have to say I was impressed. The ethos, the organisation, the community they have created, and the buy-in from all those who donated their time and energy to make today happen (primarily for drivers aged 11-17, but there was a large handful of ‘more senior’ participants too)

My understanding of @u17cc is that they provide driver training for those aged 11-17, with the emphasis on safety and a gradual/controlled increase in level of ability by the provision of open days where a simulated road environment is provided for they to gain experience.

Today was what I heard referred to as a ‘Magic’ day. And it lived up to that name (even just for me as spectator) where people are invited to bring along their classic, eccentric, expensive, and/or noticeable (yes that’s you @zl1uk you drove past plenty of times but didn’t get a clear picture!) cars for these young drivers to have either rides in, or (depending on their certified level) a drive.

The photo’s don’t do the quality and quantity of cars that were available justice. I’ve got some video of people going out after the lunch break, that I need to review, but it went on for ages!

So today I saw a huge number of car owners ‘paying it forward’ to encourage young drivers to be respectful of car and also ensure they enjoy them.

I have no doubt that they will themselves pay it forward both when they are driving and when they are encouraging others.


What can you pay forward?

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50daysofshades d45-i01 Stephen Wells Business Coach Paying it Forward
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What are you doing?

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