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#50DaysOfShades Day 46 of 50 – Is time important?

Yesterday I posted to my personal Facebook and Instagram with 2 minutes to spare and my business Facebook at 1 minute to midnight! It was a long hot day and there were things I wanted to do in the evening, as well as just have a rest, that meant I didn’t get to writing until very late.

However, it was posted yesterday and that keeps me at 100% for posting a photo (and sometimes some thought) every day for the last 45 days.

But in reality, what difference would it have made if I had posted at 00:01 today?

For you, none.

For me, there would have been disappointment. I’ve made an agreement with myself to post every day, and in all honesty that is the commitment I’m upholding.

However, my posts are a one-way commitment. (Which is why I uphold them for myself).

At no point (that I am aware of) have you agreed to read, like, comment on a post at a specific time, or that you have set aside time to do those things. Therefore, any changes I make only impact me (as far as I am aware).

If we have made an agreement to meet somewhere at a specific time, I will be there. And I hope you will be too, not for the sake of time but for me.

Time does not care if you believe in it or not.
Time does not care if you are late or not.
Time does not think less of you.
Time does not feel the opportunity has been wasted or that time itself has been disrespected.
Time is not inconvenienced.
Time does not lose trust in you.

But people do.

Therefore, make your connection with people not with time.

Let me know what questions come up for you.


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ps, You have no idea how hard it is to get a decent contracting picture with a clock in it until you try.

pps. Finished writing this in the ‘spare time’ before a meeting. It was not spare, I took it from earlier in the day (at home) and moved it to the location of the meeting.

50daysofshades d46-i01 Stephen Wells Business Coach on Time
50daysofshades d46-i02 Stephen Wells Business Coach on Time

What are you doing?

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