#50DaysOfShades Day 49 of 50 – Did anyone notice?

There are times when we do things, good, bad, funny, indifferent, profound, quickly, or slowly and we wonder if anyone will or did notice.

Sometimes we ourselves may not even notice the outcome, just the action.

When I restarted #50DaysOfShades I had some thoughts;
About what I would do
What I may write
How it would pan out
How I could explain some of the changes I experienced last time

And here I am on day 49 wondering if anyone noticed (last time or this time).

Did they notice the changes all that time ago?
Did they notice the days that I missed? (This year I have posted the photos consecutively whereas last time I had gaps but did 50 photos)
Did they notice … etc etc

And this time round did you notice when I did not write anything, and did that make a difference to if you liked or not?

The thing I have noticed most this time is the on the days I don’t know what to write but I at least start writing, something usable ends up appearing, whereas if I don’t think of a title, or a subject it’s easy not to create something.

I ask all these questions, here in this format, not because I think it matters (whether others notice), but to remind us all to check in with ourselves.

Are we doing things to be noticed?

Or are we doing them because they are worth doing?

And there are many reasons for doing things, and the value/worth that has to you and others, so always listen to what you feel has value.

Like working some ideas through in our heads, or getting a reminder from Facebook of what you were doing 7 years ago.

Which is where we get to the secret (no not the film). The secret about that photo I posted yesterday, taken on the day (as per the rules) just not in 2022, instead from 13th July 2013.

:Looks left: :Looks right:

Did anyone notice?

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What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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