#50DaysOfShades Day 50 of 50 – What to do when you make a mistake

When I restarted this project 50 days ago, I knew I'd be making some mistakes and things would go wrong along the way. I wanted you to ensure that I shared some of those with you throughout the journey and here at the end.

As you've seen there have been a fair few of the days with a random photo or two (Which now make up todays selection) where either I don't look particularly great or are just completely messed up.

There have been spelling mistakes, formatting errors, tags that hadn't worked, posts not submitting correctly, sync issues and more. All of which I now mention now so you know (if you didn’t already) that it was not perfect.

The biggest mistake that I have made is not sharing them regularly on LinkedIn.

I wasn't 100% sure whether the format of what I was doing would sit well on LinkedIn. So had made the choice to only share the odd post, maybe one a week and I didn't get into the habit of doing that.

So here we are, with today's post going up on LinkedIn and I will now share the rest out of order at some point, maybe.

I mention all of this because mistakes are not something to hide from.

They're not something to be sought out either, but reducing the fear, shame and guilt associated with mistakes allows them to be rectified more quickly and encourages the discussion around how/why they happened. This helps implement steps to prevent them happening over and over.

What I've been doing here is acknowledging some of the mistakes and rectifying them (most the time).

Also, I’ve looked at how I can make less of them, what can I do each time to get a ‘better’ picture first time and putting that strategy into action.

Then looking at how bad mistake it was. (Such as not posting to LinkedIn)

To recap:

A – Acknowledge, accept

R – Rectify

S – Strategise

E – Evaluate.


Basically, I’ve been saying ARSE a lot!


So next time you make a mistake, or something goes wrong, say ARSE and implement it, before someone finds out and tears you a new one.

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P.S. Another post that completely changed due to the 2200 limit on Insta

50daysofshades d50-i01 Stephen Wells - make a mistake
50daysofshades d50-i02 Stephen Wells - make a mistake
50daysofshades d50-i03 Stephen Wells - make a mistake

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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