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#50DaysOfShades Day 62 of 50 – It would be easy to stop

It would be easy to stop, to skip a day or to simply post ‘when I have an idea’ but that would change the dynamic for me. (It certainly did back in 2015)

The fact that I’m continuing past 50 days and there is no longer a target (other than to keep going) somehow makes it feel more important for me to post every day. If feels like it would be a lie to skip a day and claim it was still worth counting the days under this tag (and I like the tag, it still makes me laugh after 7 years!).

I could start counting again. To do this it feels like I would have to start a different count and do a different theme/tag and currently I don’t know what that would be, so I’ll keep going here.

I say this as I want to reaffirm to you that whatever you do you can start recounting. It is doing the thing (me posting regularly) that is important, not getting to a number. The number is just the mechanism I’ve chosen here.

If you stumble or lapse you can start again and you can do the thing again the next day. This is as relevant to a diet, nutrition, exercise or not drinking etc as it is to working in your business, doing the marketing, keeping accounts, making and maintaining connections etc.

Everything can be started fresh.

But that is not what I am choosing to do, I will continue.

Also stopping (now, for me) would not create the inspiration for post like this. Which is what the project was about for me. To share what I experienced and the thoughts that come up in posting every day.


What have you stopped, that you want to restart?

(When are you restarting it?)


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50daysofshades d62-i01

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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