50daysofshades d52-i01 - Stephen Wells - Keeping your cool

#50DaysOfShades Day 52 of 50 – Keeping your cool when those around you are losing theirs.

Over the next few days, we are going to see lots of news stories, and social posts about what could be extreme temperatures for the UK.

Lots of the reports will be about personal health or delays and damage to infrastructure (roads, rail and air).

But what I want to remind everyone is to look at how YOU respond to the heat and what changes you can/may need to make to improve both your state of mind, your health and your productivity.

Notice how you feel (tired, cranky, fuzzy, etc), adjust your schedule, allow a little extra time and check what is really a priority.

50daysofshades d52-i01 - Stephen Wells - Keeping your cool

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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#50DaysOfShades Day 50 of 50 – What to do when you make a mistake

When I restarted this project 50 days ago, I knew I'd be making some mistakes and things would go wrong along the way. I wanted you to ensure that I shared some of those with you throughout the journey and here at the end.

As you've seen there have been a fair few of the days with a random photo or two (Which now make up todays selection) where either I don't look particularly great or are just completely messed up.

There have been spelling mistakes, formatting errors, tags that hadn't worked, posts not submitting correctly, sync issues and more. All of which I now mention now so you know (if you didn’t already) that it was not perfect.

The biggest mistake that I have made is not sharing them regularly on LinkedIn.

I wasn't 100% sure whether the format of what I was doing would sit well on LinkedIn. So had made the choice to only share the odd post, maybe one a week and I didn't get into the habit of doing that.

So here we are, with today's post going up on LinkedIn and I will now share the rest out of order at some point, maybe.

I mention all of this because mistakes are not something to hide from.

They're not something to be sought out either, but reducing the fear, shame and guilt associated with mistakes allows them to be rectified more quickly and encourages the discussion around how/why they happened. This helps implement steps to prevent them happening over and over.

What I've been doing here is acknowledging some of the mistakes and rectifying them (most the time).

Also, I’ve looked at how I can make less of them, what can I do each time to get a ‘better’ picture first time and putting that strategy into action.

Then looking at how bad mistake it was. (Such as not posting to LinkedIn)

To recap:

A – Acknowledge, accept

R – Rectify

S – Strategise

E – Evaluate.


Basically, I’ve been saying ARSE a lot!


So next time you make a mistake, or something goes wrong, say ARSE and implement it, before someone finds out and tears you a new one.

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P.S. Another post that completely changed due to the 2200 limit on Insta

50daysofshades d50-i01 Stephen Wells - make a mistake
50daysofshades d50-i02 Stephen Wells - make a mistake
50daysofshades d50-i03 Stephen Wells - make a mistake

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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#50DaysOfShades Day 49 of 50 – Did anyone notice?

There are times when we do things, good, bad, funny, indifferent, profound, quickly, or slowly and we wonder if anyone will or did notice.

Sometimes we ourselves may not even notice the outcome, just the action.

When I restarted #50DaysOfShades I had some thoughts;
About what I would do
What I may write
How it would pan out
How I could explain some of the changes I experienced last time

And here I am on day 49 wondering if anyone noticed (last time or this time).

Did they notice the changes all that time ago?
Did they notice the days that I missed? (This year I have posted the photos consecutively whereas last time I had gaps but did 50 photos)
Did they notice … etc etc

And this time round did you notice when I did not write anything, and did that make a difference to if you liked or not?

The thing I have noticed most this time is the on the days I don’t know what to write but I at least start writing, something usable ends up appearing, whereas if I don’t think of a title, or a subject it’s easy not to create something.

I ask all these questions, here in this format, not because I think it matters (whether others notice), but to remind us all to check in with ourselves.

Are we doing things to be noticed?

Or are we doing them because they are worth doing?

And there are many reasons for doing things, and the value/worth that has to you and others, so always listen to what you feel has value.

Like working some ideas through in our heads, or getting a reminder from Facebook of what you were doing 7 years ago.

Which is where we get to the secret (no not the film). The secret about that photo I posted yesterday, taken on the day (as per the rules) just not in 2022, instead from 13th July 2013.

:Looks left: :Looks right:

Did anyone notice?

#Businesscoach #buisinesscoaching #noticethedifference

50daysofshades d49-i01 Stephen Wells Business Coach

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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50daysofshades d46-i01 Stephen Wells Business Coach on Time

#50DaysOfShades Day 46 of 50 – Is time important?

Yesterday I posted to my personal Facebook and Instagram with 2 minutes to spare and my business Facebook at 1 minute to midnight! It was a long hot day and there were things I wanted to do in the evening, as well as just have a rest, that meant I didn’t get to writing until very late.

However, it was posted yesterday and that keeps me at 100% for posting a photo (and sometimes some thought) every day for the last 45 days.

But in reality, what difference would it have made if I had posted at 00:01 today?

For you, none.

For me, there would have been disappointment. I’ve made an agreement with myself to post every day, and in all honesty that is the commitment I’m upholding.

However, my posts are a one-way commitment. (Which is why I uphold them for myself).

At no point (that I am aware of) have you agreed to read, like, comment on a post at a specific time, or that you have set aside time to do those things. Therefore, any changes I make only impact me (as far as I am aware).

If we have made an agreement to meet somewhere at a specific time, I will be there. And I hope you will be too, not for the sake of time but for me.

Time does not care if you believe in it or not.
Time does not care if you are late or not.
Time does not think less of you.
Time does not feel the opportunity has been wasted or that time itself has been disrespected.
Time is not inconvenienced.
Time does not lose trust in you.

But people do.

Therefore, make your connection with people not with time.

Let me know what questions come up for you.


#businesscoach #businesscoaching #ImportanceOfTime #timeisjustaconcept

ps, You have no idea how hard it is to get a decent contracting picture with a clock in it until you try.

pps. Finished writing this in the ‘spare time’ before a meeting. It was not spare, I took it from earlier in the day (at home) and moved it to the location of the meeting.

50daysofshades d46-i01 Stephen Wells Business Coach on Time
50daysofshades d46-i02 Stephen Wells Business Coach on Time

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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50daysofshades d45-i01 Stephen Wells Business Coach

#50DaysOfShades Day 45 of 50 – Pay it Forward

I want to start by saying that today was the biggest example of a collective pay it forward that I’ve ever been involved in/attended.

For those who don’t know ‘Pay It Forward’ is a book adapted to a film.

The basic concept which can be taken from the book is, help someone and instead of them paying you back they ‘pay it forward’ and help someone else.

So today I attended an event with @joyouscarsuk at @castlecombecircuituk hosted by The Under 17’s Car club, @u17cc, with funds being raised going to @teenage_cancer.

This was my first experience of @u17cc and I have to say I was impressed. The ethos, the organisation, the community they have created, and the buy-in from all those who donated their time and energy to make today happen (primarily for drivers aged 11-17, but there was a large handful of ‘more senior’ participants too)

My understanding of @u17cc is that they provide driver training for those aged 11-17, with the emphasis on safety and a gradual/controlled increase in level of ability by the provision of open days where a simulated road environment is provided for they to gain experience.

Today was what I heard referred to as a ‘Magic’ day. And it lived up to that name (even just for me as spectator) where people are invited to bring along their classic, eccentric, expensive, and/or noticeable (yes that’s you @zl1uk you drove past plenty of times but didn’t get a clear picture!) cars for these young drivers to have either rides in, or (depending on their certified level) a drive.

The photo’s don’t do the quality and quantity of cars that were available justice. I’ve got some video of people going out after the lunch break, that I need to review, but it went on for ages!

So today I saw a huge number of car owners ‘paying it forward’ to encourage young drivers to be respectful of car and also ensure they enjoy them.

I have no doubt that they will themselves pay it forward both when they are driving and when they are encouraging others.


What can you pay forward?

#businsscoach #businesscoaching #payitforward

50daysofshades d45-i01 Stephen Wells Business Coach Paying it Forward
50daysofshades d45-i02 Castle Combe Pay in Forward
50daysofshades d45-i03 Stephen Wells Pay if Forward

What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

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#50DaysOfShades Day 42 of 50 – Doing things for other people.

There are many trains of thought around the good (for both sides) of being ‘in service’ to other people but that is not really what I am referring to here (although there is probably some overlap), it is literally that I took the photos for them.

Yesterday, with a very grey cloudy photo, I was jokingly accused of manifesting the weather and inflicted 50 days of shade on everyone. So, today’s photos had to be particularly sunny just for them (you know who you are!)

The other thing was for someone’s birthday. A friend (Carl Munson Professional Page, who I’ve currently only met virtually) had a double celebration this morning, firstly his birthday and secondly a year off the beer (just because he wanted to give it a go).

And to celebrate both a bunch of us joined him on his daily livestream and had a beer with him (at 9:30 this morning!)

Now it’s not normal (for me, or him, or anyone else that virtually joined in) to have a beer at 9:30 in the morning, but this was important. To congratulate him on his achievement, to create a ceremony (albeit a very small one of raise a glass with him as a community). This morning was only a few sips form the bottle, then it got recapped and back in the fridge until this evening.
Doing (or not doing) something consistently for a year takes effort.

Carl has put the effort in with both not drinking (for a year) and running the Good Morning Portugal livestream 5 days a week for way longer. And in doing the latter has developed a great resource and a fantastic community. It was an honour to be able to celebrate with him this morning.


How do you feel when you do things for other people?

#businesscoach #businesscoaching #beinservice #community

50daysofshades d42-i01 Doing things for other people. Stephen Wells Sensational Business Coach sat in hat and shades

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What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4

#50DaysOfShades Day 41 of 50 – No Comment

I didn’t really want to write anything today. Mainly because I was still pondering yesterday boundary topic and that I had to cut short what I wanted to say to fit the 2200-character limit on Instagram. I know there have been days when I’ve added a little bit extra into the first comment, but there was going to be too much. So, I stopped writing at what was both near the character limit and hopefully a relevant section to have made a point and ask the questions. (I’ll have to go back and check at some point and I’ll definitely write an expanded version on my website too).

Therefore, I took todays photo, hand up in the talk to the hand/no comment type pose. Both that and writing the above intro got me thinking about when we say or don’t say things.

Yesterday was definitely ‘I did not get to fully say what I wanted’. So, there is still more to be said.

Today, has obviously spiralled from ‘no comment’ to I’ve definitely got something to say around when we speak up, when we don’t, and when it may have been better not to!


How does it feel when you don’t get to say what you want?
How does it feel when do you self-sensor?
How does it feel when you say more than is ‘appropriate’?
(and yes, ‘what is appropriate’ is probably another topic.

#businesscoach #businesscoaching #nocomment #moretosay

50daysofshades d41-i01 No Comment

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What are you doing?

One of the big questions about this project is explained in more depth on Day 4